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E-Type Jag Tshirt


The E-Type jag was released in early 1961, and the World stopped and stared. Enzo Ferrari dropped his spanner and declared it ‘the most beautiful car ever built.’ An advert at the time described it as ‘half car, half projectile.’ What a perfect phrase.

That bonnet! That 150 mph engine! The interior! The gorgeous spoke wheels! The paint work! No other vehicle conjures up images of swinging London in the ‘60s quite like the E-Type Jag does.

Oh do behave.

Porsche 911 Tshirt


The Porsche 911 first screamed out of the factory in 1963, and almost unbelievably, it’s still screaming out of the factory to this day. A powerful air-cooled engine sat where most cars stored the suitcases. Though the 911 was fitted with a rear seat, in truth it would only fit one decent sized dachshund perched lengthwise across the leather. But who cares? You could hit the long, fast roads of Europe and be in the South of France before most of your beach-hungry rivals had made it out of Paris.

Rear spoilers (whale tales) have been added, convertible versions, turbos – but behind all this, the unforgettable shape of the original 911 shines through. A hugely successful, hugely popular sports car. And what colours!

Fiat 500 Tshirt


The Fiat 500 – il Cinquecento – is over 50 years old. In production from 1957 to 1975, this bubbly little 500cc rear engined city car livened up many young families and lovers lives. The perfect car for zipping through the traffic and on out to the mountains and lakes of Europe. We like to think the occupants would be singing the whole journey long, glad to be alive and squeezed into a brightly coloured fun-mobile with their (hopefully) undersized friends and family members. Happy motoring memories for many I’m sure. Beep Beep – bip bip!
This Classic Hand Painted Fiat 500 TShirt is a great gift for the lover of anything Italian. A great addition to our ever growing car art range.

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Lambretta Li150 Motorcycle Tshirt


Give a mod a scooter and see what happens. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors, Union Jack paint jobs, a few more mirrors, and possibly a high rise seat. And if you’re really brave – and VERY angry – ride it off the white cliffs of Dover in a blaze of glory, like Jimmy Cooper at the end of Quadraphenia.

Lambretta made scooters in Milan, Italy from 1947 to 1972, and anyone who has ever owned one will remember the fun and the freedom these little babies brought to their life.