Ducati Mike Hailwood Motorcycle Tshirt


Mike ‘The Bike’ Hailwood is regarded as one of the best racers of all time. He won the Isle of Man TT numerous times, most famously in 1978 after an 11 year absence, on a Ducati 900SS. Ducati were quick to realise the marketing potential of this historic win, and released the Mike Hailwood Replica 900SS in Mike’s red, white and green colours and gold mag wheels. No electric starter on this baby – a true bikers bike.
A great addition to our ever growing range of hand painted shirts. Printed on 100% cotton T-shirt.

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Indian Chief Motorcycle Men’s Tshirt


The 80 cubic inch (1300cc) Indian Chief was produced from 1922 – 1953 in Springfield, Massachusetts. These gorgeous machines were built to cruise the long roads of The United States in low-slung style. The wide cow-horn bars swung back towards the leather-fringed saddle, a chunky gear lever extending up beside the gold Indian Chief decal on the sloping tank.

What an era to be alive and riding, cruising into a late night joint to catch some jumping jazz and grinding blues.

Moto Guzzi Le-Mans Mens Motorcycle Men’s T-shirt


The Moto Guzzi Le-Mans was revealed to the world in 1976. The world had never seen anything like it. Big chunky pots thrusting out at 90 degrees fed by a couple of guzzling carbies, a fully cased engine delivering it’s twin thumping power to a black shaft drive. The seat seems to suck onto the red and black boxey tank, perfectly matching the small nose-fairing which housed the modern matte black instrument panel and low slung bars. The mag wheels, the matte black pipes, the rear sets, the beautiful Italian styling… What a bike.

Hand painted by our talented artist at Revs and Threads, the Moto Guzzi Le Mans is a great addition to our ever growing range of shirts featuring our motorbike and car art.

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Norton Commando Motorcycle Tshirt


The Norton Commando was a highly successful and beautifully loud motorbike built in England between 1967 and 1977. It’s powerful twin cylinders shouted it’s unique deep tone out of a pair of highly polished upswept chrome pipes, powering this classic motorcycle up to a very respectful 115mph. A hugely popular bike, and still a head turner at any classic show. This hand painted art by our talented artists at Revs And Threads, printed onto a soft 100% cotton T-shirt, is a real winner.

Triumph Speed Triple Motorbike T-Shirt


If you need more power than the Speed Triple delivers, you should see a doctor. Or a race track. These bikes are quick. And full of torque. When the power hits and the exhaust note turns from a warning to a screaming threat, you’d better be hanging on. Aggressive styling led to this beauty being named ‘the thugs bike.’ I’d hate to meet what it’s running away from, because whatever it is, it must be very, very scary.

Vincent Black Shadow Motorcycle Men’s T-shirt


The Vincent Black Shadow, the first superbike. 125 mph on the 1950’s roads and tyres would’ve been exhilarating – or terrifying, depending on your constitution. The 1000cc twin monster firing beneath you, the exhaust explosion rattling the suburban windows as you twist the throttle back and the Black Shadow flies past the ton, leaving  all it’s chromed competitors (and possibly some cracked lounge room windows) in its wake.

Would’ve cost about you about £1200 back then. I think it’s fair to say they’ve held their price. Ask Jay Leno. He’s got 10 of them.

This hand painted motorbike art is perfect on our 100% cotton T-shirts

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Ducati 750 Sport Motorcycle Tshirt


It’s 1972. Ducati have just revealed their new machine. The 750 Sport. Powerful L-twin engine, upswept exhausts, spectacular handling, single racing seat, rear sets, clip-on bars, twin discs up front. This was one serious bike. And what a paint job. Yellow, with black racing stripe split in two by a bold, white DUCATI.

Nowadays how many cafe racers try for this look, the look that Ducati perfected with their 1972 classic; The 750 Sport. Some things just can’t be beaten.

Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle Tshirt


The Triumph Bonneville roared out of late 50’s Britain straight into the history books with it’s classy twin cylinder powerhouse engine and it’s eye-catching styling. Plenty of chrome, great colour schemes and a throaty thump of an exhaust note made this the perfect machine for rockers and bikers in leather jackets and greased back hair.

When The Bonne’s roared, you knew the boys were back in town.